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The Publication

International Leisure World Magazine

International Leisure World Catalogue is a carefully researched publication created specifically for the Russian speaking markets.

This annual catalogue of Luxury Travel is designed to enable International suppliers to contact both the increasing number of high income Russian consumers and the specialised Russian travel trade. This publication educates and advises on the vast variety of high level travel possibilities that exist around the world.

Printed annually and published in September each year, International Leisure World will be a source of specialised information for the discerning luxury traveller.

Our unique concept will include news on developments in international luxury travel, high-lifestyle articles and special features.

Our advertising concept for this catalogue is simple, cost effective and is guaranteed to bring substantial results for our advertisers.

Advertisers have the option of booking double page spreads, full page or half page feature advertisements. For each advertisement we provide, free of charge, editorial content to match the size:-

Double Page Spread Euro.2,640.- plus 2 pages  of  FREE editorial
Full Page advertisement Euro.1,630.- plus 1 page    of  FREE editorial
1/2 Page advertisement Euro.885.- plus 1/2 page of  FREE editorial

Special rates can also be discussed for:-

  • Front Page Feature (special quality conditions apply)
  • Inside Front Cover
  • Inside Back Cover
  • Outside Back cover

The Editorial Team works hard to ensure smooth transition from International script and standards to suit the mentality and expectations of our Russian speaking readers.

International Leisure World is printed on high grade paper with careful attention to detail and quality.

Print-run is for 35,000 copies. Extensive market research has established that readers prefer an informative product and would prefer to maintain & use this information for a longer period rather than receive continuous copies. Therefore International Leisure World is issued once a year in September ensuring a high return for advertisers investment though a long 'shelf life'.

Distribution of International Leisure World Catalogue is through several strategic channels:-

  • Direct mailing to 10,000+ Travel Companies
  • Subscription to a select list of high net worth individuals
  • At tourism exhibitions in Russia and throughout the CIS
  • In leading Restaurants, Hotels & Boutiques
  • In airline lounges and private aviation companies
  • Through exclusive events

International Leisure World is an ideally suited advertising medium for:-

International Leisure World Magazine
  • Luxury Hotels & Resorts - Advertise directly to your target audience
  • Travel Companies/Concierge services - specialising in high quality tours
  • Private yachts/planes, villas - There are more than 88,000 millionaires in Russia!
  • Specialised Spas & Treatment Centres - Good health is important to the Russian elite
  • Golf Resorts and Courses - interest in golf is growing fast in this elite sector
  • Exclusive destinations - safaris, game reserves, ski destinations
  • Cruise Lines - as cruises become more popular with wealthy Russian clients

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