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aiGroup, Moscow
Tel.: +7 495 926 9695

Moscow International Investment Show

Technical Information for Advertisers

Display Advertisements

All artwork should be supplied via FTP, e-mail or by CD. Hard copy can be accepted by post but please note that we are unable to accept photographs from brochures or other printed material due to possible quality problems.

We support the following file formats:

  • High resolution PDF files (Job Options Press)
  • Adobe Illustrator files with fonts files
  • Adobe InDesign files with font & linked files
  • Complete adverts as a EPS file min 300 dpi
  • Complete adverts as a TIFF file min 300 dpi
  • Complete adverts as a uncompressed JPEG file min 300 dpi (Quality 10-12)


  • Please make certain that all images and colours used are converted into CMYK:
    • Dot Gain: 18%
    • Black Ink Limit: 95%
    • Total Ink Limit: 320%
  • All solid Black areas should be composed as a combination of C 60%, M 50%, Y 50%, and K 100%.
  • Be sure that all images used are at least 300 dpi
  • Do not forget to include bleed on advertising that go to the edge of the page
  • A 10 mm border containing no live area (mission critical text and graphics) MUST be allowed for cutting
  • If you do not need translation of your advertising please convert all texts into outlines
  • If you need translation of your advertising please do not convert text into outlines and include files with all used fonts. Also if you use JPEG or TIFF files (not editable) please contact us to check possibility of translation
  • To prevent changes of your advertising please provide us with PDF or JPEG copy to preview the layout
  • Setting Up Your Files In Other Applications:
    • As a postscript file (EPS or PDF)
    • As a vector image (EPS or AI)
    • As a 300 DPI @ a 1:1 size ratio bitmapped image. (TIFF or JPEG)

Edition format

A4 210 mm wide by 297 mm vertical.

Advertising format

Double Page Spread

Double Page Spread
420x297 mm plus 3 mm extra on each side for bleed
Example (pdf)

Full Page

Full Page
210x297 mm plus 3 mm extra on each side for bleed
Example (pdf)

Half Page (horizontal)

Half Page (horizontal)
182x127 mm
Example (pdf)

Half Page (horizontal, bleed)

Half Page (horizontal, bleed)
210x146 mm plus 3 mm extra on each side for bleed
Example (pdf)

Half Page (vertical)

Half Page (vertical)
88x260 mm
Example (pdf)

Half Page (vertical, bleed)
103x297 mm plus 3 mm extra on each side for bleed
Example (pdf)


The magazine is printed in the Russian language. We would be pleased to make professional translations of your pages.

All hardcopy material should be sent to our office:

Moscow office in Russia:-
Tel.: +7 495 926 9695
Fax: +7 495 926 5190

Postal address for advertising:
AI Group, Russia, Luzshnetskaya Naberezshnaya, 2/4, building 10, office 201, 119270, Moscow, Russia